Another great workshop

Another great workshop, thanks to the courtesy of our very good sponsors and friends NFU Mutual.  They provided hospitality and accommodation for our second workshop on Nomenclature, Plant Identification and Classification in Stratford- upon- Avon.

Susyn Andrews, Consultant Horticultural Taxonomist, delivered a detailed full day workshop with great enthusiasm.  There was a wealth of information shared with Collection Holders, some of whom had travelled from as far away as Wales, Yorkshire and Hampshire.  We looked at International Codes on Nomenclature; covering basic definitions from Family, through Genus down to Cultivar with Section, Subspecies and Forma as some of the additional levels used to define the name of a plant. We then learnt about Synonyms, Hynonyms, Misapplied names, Uncertain names and why plant names are changed.  Plant identification and classification were covered along with details on International Cultivar Registration Authorities and Plant Patents and Plant Breeders Rights.  To support all this we were guided on reference books to use to support research.  So our next trip is off to the library!

With plenty of information to take in I know the collection holders greatly appreciated the hospitality and the venue; many thanks to  Susan Barley from NFU for her organisation.

We very much appreciate the support of our other sponsors for these workshops, Brother UK Ltd, The Mercers Company, The Topinambour Trust and The Tanner Trust.