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Rare plant of the month – August

Dahlia ‘Little Beeswing’ The plants featured on this blog so far have been truly fascinating, however Dahlia ‘Little Beeswing’ has taken us on a quite a journey and has demonstrated the value of the conservation work that Plant Heritage volunteers … Continue reading

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Rare plant of the month: June 2017

Lathyrus belinensis In this instalment of our series, which looks at reasons why we need to be aware of the importance of conserving the rare plants that grow in our gardens in the UK and Ireland, we explore Lathyrus belinensis, a … Continue reading

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Rare plant of the month: May 2017

Phlox stolonifera ‘Violet Vere’ One of the reasons for writing this series is to demonstrate how incredibly varied the reasons are, for continuing to find and conserve plants cultivated in gardens across the British Isles. Plants are often named specifically … Continue reading

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Rare plant of the month: April 2017

Hepatica transsilvanica ‘Blumenstadt Erfurt’ Welcome to the second in our series of blogs about rare plants growing with Plant Guardians in gardens around the UK. Plants in the genus Hepatica are found across the northern hemisphere from Central Europe to Asia, … Continue reading

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Rare plant of the month: March 2017

Welcome to the first of our new series of posts that will introduce you to some of the wonderful and intriguing rare plants that have been registered into the Plant Guardian scheme by Plant Heritage members. While the main aim … Continue reading

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