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Placed, not plonked

Towering Eucalyptus trees are better than a SatNav in finding the way to Meon Orchard, home of Doug and Linda Smith and their three National Plant Collections of Antipodean rarities; Araliaceae and Podocarpus as well as the aforementioned giants. Sparsholt College is featuring … Continue reading

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Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

The children of Wicor primary school in Hampshire are Plant Guardians for Canna ‘Chou Chou’, presented to them by James Wong at Hampton court Palace Flower Show last year and as such they are eligible to attend our educational workshops.  Last … Continue reading

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Shy bairns get nowt

A snowdrop being offered in the Plant Exchange. Sure to be oversubscribed. But you never know, everyone might think that. So went my thought process this time last year when I was delving into the list of offers.  In the past … Continue reading

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A mine of information

Mark Spencer uses an evocative phrase when describing the research potential of the Herbarium at the Natural History Museum – he refers to mining for information – and when you see the size of the collection it becomes an exact term for … Continue reading

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A seedy weekend

The Seed Department of the RHS, the Alpine Garden Society, the Cyclamen Society and Plant Heritage set up their stalls in the  gallery of the Wisley Glasshouse this weekend, to offer visitors a chance to get some unusual seed and … Continue reading

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Measuring the marigolds

Bristol Zoo hold our first dispersed National Plant Collection which they brought this year to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Each flower on the map represents a community group or school which has contributed to the Collection of Calendula.  There … Continue reading

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Harry’s Hillier Garden

From a pile of earth to a 50s garden in three days. Harry used Hillier introductions and popular plants sold by Hilliers to recreate Sir Harold Hillier’s garden. The layout and some of the planting is fairly traditional updated with some modern combinations … Continue reading

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