London in bloom in February

A superb gold medal winning display was created by our Plant Heritage London Group, at the RHS Early Spring Plant Fair. The display illustrated a range of plants that are in flower or fruit now.  At first glance the display catches your eye with the wide variety of plants, but then you start looking at the details.  It’s a feast for the eye, and the nose, particularly at this time of year.  Visitors lingered along the display stopping at particular plants to simply enjoy them, and to wonder where they have come from and some took notes perhaps finding a particular Camellia they had not seen before.

Such a display is only possible with tremendous team work from the London Group: Gerald Goddard, Antonia Cannon, Angela Hepple, Fiona Crumley, Pat Huff, Peter and June Lloyd, Toby Vane and James Callicott with help from garden staff of Chiswick House.  Plus the volunteers who manned the stand during the Show.


The generosity of the plant donors is an important part of this display, so thanks go to London members, and for the contributions from the gardens of  Buckingham Palace, Capel Manor, Chiswick House, Isabella Plantation, Marlborough House, Myddelton House and Regent’s Park, plus the invaluable skills and time given by the gardeners from all of these gardens in sorting and preparing the plant material.

Amongst others the plant that caught my eye was  Freylinia  lanceolata (Honey Bush),which is a tenderish evergreen from South Africa with panicles of fragrant flowers, and the Ilex aquifolium ‘Ferox Argentea’ known as Silver Hedgehog Holly.

The challenge and the beauty of this display is that the team never know what plants they will have until the day before the Show, so a gold medal is lovely reward for this display.