Measuring the marigolds

Bristol Zoo hold our first dispersed National Plant Collection which they brought this year to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Bristol Zoo Calendula Collection

Each flower on the map represents a community group or school which has contributed to the Collection of Calendula. 


There is a display of all the plants at Bristol Zoo as well as seed and herbarium specimens which can be viewed on request.  The Zoo is focusing on the species and the community groups are concentrating on the cultivars.

From the Zoo, Emma Moore and Eddie Mole who swears the flowers on his shirt are all his own work.

Emma Moore, Edie Mole

As well as Zoo staff members of the various communities involved visited the show to talk about the Collection – Barbara Franco, Shirehampton Community Action Forum; Matthew Bufton, Bristol Zoo; Fiona Deas, Horfield Primary School.

Barbara Franco, Matthew Bufton, Fiona Deas

Some of the species are threatened with extinction in their natural habitat due to development and change in land use.

Wild life at the show enjoying the plants.

Calendula officinalis 'Candyman Yellow'

Calendula officinalis ‘Candyman Yellow’

For more on this exciting new concept visit the Bristol Zoo website.





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