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In the past weeks you have been invited to discover the wonderful gardens of Norfolk, such as the private garden of the Bishop of Norwich, The HarraldsBressinghamThe National Collection of Fuchsia introduced by James Lye and East Ruston Old Vicarage.
Last but not least in this series of posts about the AGM weekend, I have to talk about the Plant Exchange, which is growing bigger and better each year.

As many of you will know, the Plant Exchange is a unique scheme which allows members all over the country to propagate, share and receive rare and exciting plants for free. The exchange takes place during the AGM weekend and requires a large room to welcome more than 1000 plants:


For the third year running, we have been giving red labels to plants assessed as “threatened in cultivation” by the Threatened Plants Project. This year, there was a record number of 243 plants with red labels – from Abutilon to Zantedeschia – which required a great deal of organisation!

Plant Exchange Coordinator Lloyd Kenyon discussing red labels

Plant Exchange Coordinator Lloyd Kenyon discussing red labels with Mercy

The Plant Exchange is a membership perk as you can see from the happy members’ faces below, but it is also a fantastic conservation tool, enabling less popular cultivars and rare species to be propagated and safeguarded by plant enthusiasts across the UK.

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To improve our knowledge of the wide plant diversity conserved by members, we have been encouraging Plant Exchange participants to register in our new Plant Guardians scheme. It takes just a few clicks on the website, so if you have ever received plants from the Plant Exchange (or if you grow other uncommon plants), we would love to hear about them!

Plant Guardians Info sheet

If you missed the Plant Exchange this year, you can still find the lists of plants which were on offer on our website (and why not look at the list of “wanted” plants too, you might be growing one of these and be able to supply it next year!).
And because I know you’re all craving plant pictures, here’s a little overview of the plants that were on offer :

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