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IMG_6652This is our 7th year of running the Chelsea Cloakroom.  We broke through the £5K glass ceiling by raising £5150 bringing the total raised over the years to well over £30,000, we received many compliments for our efficient, cheerful service and our volunteers enjoyed supporting the charity in this way.

This group from the Italian Garden Centre Association were very happy that they could leave their bags with us, but what continues to amaze me is that the public don’t know about us – many people leaving the show come in and ask if they could have left their suitcase with us.

Italian garden centre association visits Chelsea Flower Show

However our new CEO, Sarah Quarterman, now knows all about what we do, having done a stint on Tuesday.

Libby Brooks, Christine Abercrombie, Rosie Osborne, Hilary Drain, Sarah Q
Libby Brooks, Christine Abercrombie, Rosie Osborne, Hilary Drain, Sarah Q

Our donations included an interesting collection of foreign coinage, mostly Euros, with a few Swiss francs and US quarters and dimes and this year a Swazi Lilangeni (= 6p) and 1 Dirham from the UAE (= 16p)

A rose between sponsors


Two spooning Bromptons.  (We looked after Alys Fowler’s Brompton during the thunderstorm on Thursday.)


Teams of volunteers

We very much appreciate the sturdy help of all our volunteers and the generous donations from the public. Make sure you all your friends know about us for 2015.




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