The Back of Beyond

Our garden visits on Saturday were to two contrasting gardens – one private and one very public.  Gill will be telling you about Bressingham Gardens in another post – this one will give you a glimpse into the garden of Janet Sleep, chair and Collections Coordinator of the Norfolk group.

On our way we were told that this garden is remote, even by Norfolk standards, but well worth the trip.  Janet welcomed us to The Harralds and provided a map warning us that it is possible to get lost in this garden.  Although the header on this post spells the name differently, this was picked up at an antique shop and the house records, which go back to 1850, use the more unusual spelling of the name. IMG_3317 Along the drive IMG_3339 The pond ???????????????????????????????  The borders ??????????????????????????????? Glasshouse IMG_3328 Beautifully constructed compost bins IMG_3337 Shade area IMG_3333

We could be in a Mediterranean courtyard here.


Plant sale in aid of the restoration fund of the local church – needless to say well supported by the visitors. IMG_3332 Ronan Sleep was to be found in his newly constructed but very palatial shed.  This was designed and built by himself and houses his piano, guitar, band saw and ‘Memory’.  All the storage drawers are labelled including a drawer for computer memory cards.
The shed with a view. IMG_3338 Also being enjoyed by members of the group. ??????????????????????????????? There was a selection of cakes to challenge the Ritz IMG_3341 served by a very welcoming team from the Norfolk group ??????????????????????????????? and plenty of places to enjoy the view and a cup of tea

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More plants

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I think the smile on this face sums up our pleasure in visiting this garden ??????????????????????????????? Thank you Janet and your team, for making us so welcome in your beautiful garden and many thanks to Gill for the use of some of her lovely photos in this post.

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  1. Harry Townsend says:

    What a fantastic garden! No, not just a garden: a treasure house of plants and cosy corners!
    Wish I’d been there!
    Harry Townsend

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