Day three dawns

I have not slept as well as I did last night for a long time.  But I am now awake and getting ready for my last day of the Silverwood Challenge.

Yesterday was magical.  The sun shone, the roads were wonderful, the drivers courteous and we had a ball.  Pootling along over huge dykes keeping the sea out we were able to get up to 20mph and when we went under a road cries of “it’s a hill” went up.

Windmills had their sails on and were turning, dwarfed by wind turbines all along the coast.  The Dutch were out enjoying a sunny Saturday – maybe the last for a while.

I took my camera with me yesterday so I’ll post some photos when I get back, but I need to go for breakfast now.

Amsterdam here we come.

Thank you again for all your support and good wishes

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