The Goldilocks principle

With so much knowledge and a desire to share it with visitors it is sometimes difficult for an exhibitor to decide how much information to put into a display;  too much and it is overwhelming and rarely all read, too little and you don’t do yourself justice.  However Mickfield Hostas’ Gold medal winning display in the Plant Heritage marquee is a perfect example of how to do it – it’s just right.


As well as a beautiful display of contrasting plants the display was augmented by two posters, the first giving some Hosta facts


and the second some cultivation tips.


The final section of the display, Hosta leaves, artfully displayed in specimen vases,  grouped to demonstrate connections within the genus – a really good demonstration of how to get the message across to visitors without overwhelming them.

Mel Collins and her brother Roy Milton, still standing and smiling at the end of the show.


I wonder how many times they were asked the slug question?

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  1. Another first-rate blog from Gillian with wonderful photos and excellent commentary. Well done, too, to Mickfield for a great stand.

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