Outside our Plant Heritage marquee we have a great collection of speakers doing demonstrations and passing on their skills and knowledge.  To start off the day we had Selina Botham, designer of our Silver-Gilt medal winning central feature, talking about how to plant up a pot for all year interest.
“So Selina how do you do it?”

"Just like that"

“Just like that”

Then Simon Charleworth, holder of a Scientific National Plant Collection gave some advice on which lavender to choose and how to look after them.
“How big does it grow Simon?”


Michael Marriott of David Austin roses talked about which roses to use in which situation, whether you are growing them on the left


or the right hand side of your garden.


To round off the day, Sarah Cook talked about her Sir Cedric Morris irises; how she has built up her collection and the lengths she goes to record her collection, taking professional photographs, using colour charts to record the colours, making herbarium specimens and finally to commissioning a botanical painting of one cultivar each year.


“Remind me Sarah what the modern cultivars look like”


So come along and join the crowd, there will be talks every day throughout the day.


And thank you to all the speakers, who have braved the sun in their faces and the heat to share their knowledge and passions.

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