The Big Blue Tractor Ride

Gill was lucky enough to go on both of the tours at our Longstock event yesterday and here are some of her words and pictures to give you another taste of the day.

A fabulous tour of the Leckford Estate, owned by Waitrose, was conducted on a lively and informative tractor tour. The estate in the Test Valley covers some 4000 acres, with 11 miles of fishing along the chalk trout river.

The tour passed the mushroom farm producing chestnut mushrooms, where the compost is prized by gardeners, the orchards, the arable crops, the dairy and the new vineyard.


One of the resident barn owls was unfortunately not in residence as our tour passed the barn! The estate champions aims of producing new ways of farming to provide quality food, but also works in harmony with the environment.

During the tour the relationship between customer demand, the producer and the retailer was put in perspective. But what farmers, and gardeners alike are waiting for is some warm weather!!