A wonderful welcome in Somerset.

Somerset group recently held their annual Collection holders meeting, where Committee members and Collection holders met for lunch to exchange news and updates. The dedication and enthusiasm of everyone was paramount at this warm and friendly event.
Some were founder members of Plant Heritage from 1978 so they really will be celebrating our 35th year!
???????????????????????????????The collection holders were clearly committed to working on their Collections; searching for more plants, furthering their research, keen to learn more and to talk to other experts in their field. They greatly appreciated the small financial bursary given to them by the Somerset group, which was used in a variety of ways such as installing extra lighting in greenhouses, helping with research, adding new labels.
Wider issues were discussed such as the correct naming of plants, registering plant names, and searching for new plants. But the key to the day was the delicious lunch provided by the committee!!
???????????????????????????????We look forward to the National AGM to be hosted by Somerset in 2015.

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