A Special Date the likes of which will not come around for another 88 years, we chose it to hold our Christmas Lunch in the office.  After five years we have become very slick at this and within 15 minutes the office is transformed into a ‘dining hall’ with a substantial buffet of savoury and sweet items.

Non-alcoholic punch from Mercy’s cauldron

Christmas lunch 2012 gs 002

Delicious salmon starters

IMG_1129 Followed by cold meats, quiches and salad.  Then the big event, Gill’s chocolate roulade


But we have three new members of staff since last year and they also excelled themselves.

Meringues from Fiona with cream and raspberries
Homemade mince pies from Vicky with secret ingredient
Cheeseboard from Sophie

After lunch we had our Secret Santa gifts, always good for a laugh.  And this year we had an extra gift for Judith, who is leaving us at the end of the year.  It was the biggest non-secret of the year, having been plugged on Facebook, but she was thrilled with her Jaci Hogan table mats and says that she will think of us every day at breakfast when she uses them.

Christmas lunch 2012 gs 066

And our special visitor was Kalani

Kalani and Mercy, a little out of focus, but a lovely picture
Kalani and Mercy, a little out of focus, but a lovely picture

with 6 week old Edward who was as good as gold, and was passed around the office to be cuddled.

Christmas lunch 2012 gs 004

And then out into the garden, still glistening from the heavy overnight frost for a group photo.

Back Gilllian, Gill, Judith, Sophie, FionaFront, Vicky, Kalani and Edward, Geneveive, Joanna
Back row, Gilllian, Gill, Judith, Sophie, Fiona
Front row, Vicky, Kalani and Edward, Geneveive, Joanna

A very Merry Christmas to all our members, supporters and sponsors and thank you for all of your support during 2012.

4 thoughts on “12/12/12

  1. David Goodchild

    I think it’s most unfair putting all the pics of that gorgeous food and too far away to come and steal
    the leftovers – not of course that there were any. Happy Christmas to all.

    1. gillians

      Sorry for the tease, but I am sure that Marjorie can outbake us all. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

  2. barbarariley

    Dear Gillian and friends at Plant Heritage

    Thank you for putting together this lovely post. I feel as though I was at your party and it was a particular pleasure to see photos of Kalani and Edward!

    I am trying to overcome a fear of social media so that we can promote the East Midlands branch the way you promote Plant Heritage nationally. You are all doing an amazing job. Thank you.

    Happy Christmas and and wonderful New Year.

    Best wishes


    1. gillians

      Dear Barbara
      Thank you for your lovely comments – it’s always good to hear back from our members. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Gillian

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