More Nursery Tales

Topping and tailing our walking holiday in Devon with visits to National Collections meant a slight detour via Somerset on the way home to visit Jane Passiflora.  No-one in the office knows why she has been thus named, we aren’t inundated with Janes (unlike Mikes and Margarets) but for as long as I have worked for PH, Jane Lindsay has been tagged with her Collection and I take it as a term of endearment.

Along with Toni O’Connor, Jane runs Tynings Climbers and their two National Collections of Passiflora and Jasminum are key to their specialism.  On 10 acres of land with 4 poly tunnels and 7 ‘houses (I used to call them greenhouses but see that the term of those in the know is ‘houses) they run an all year round operation.  Jane is a 4th generation market gardener and along with the plant nursery they do cut flowers, flowering spring bulbs and holly/spruce wreaths for Christmas.

Jane spent 17 years working with John Vanderplank the other Collection Holder of Passiflora in nearby Kingston Seymour and for the last 9 years has been building up the family business and developing the National Collections.  All the propagation is done in-house and in an area 4m x 8m Jane raises 40,000 cuttings a year.

Investment in a new ‘house will give the nursery more space to increase the range of climbing plants but several tonnes of sand need to be laid on the floor before the plants are moved in.

Jane and Toni have recently taken on Jamie to help them with their plans – I hope he is occasionally allowed to drive the tractor.

In keeping with the market garden atmosphere, silky hens root around in the dust, the goats help dispose of the shrubby prunings and Poppy the dog keeps you company.

Jane and Toni will be doing their last show of 2012 at Malvern this weekend.  Then back to base to start making those wreaths – only 13 weeks to Christmas.

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