Spiders beware

Storage is always a challenge for us in National Office.  There are peaks when the new Directories, Journals and leaflets are printed, a steady cycle of stationery, long-term storage of our monograph booklets and the once a year stuff used at Hampton Court.  We rent some storage space but there is still a lot of potential for clutter and double handling of boxes.

To celebrate our five years at Loseley Park we decided to improve our storage and take advantage of some better desks, recycled from our neighbours, for Mercy and Vicky.  Everyone else was either on leave or out of the office so Genevieve recruited her sister Victoria, skilled in managing office moves, to help us.

Many thanks to Victoria for her expert help throughout the day: there is still some sorting out to do in the office but the dust is now settled and the spiders are making their way back into the nooks and crannys, so it’s safe to come back now Mercy.

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2 Responses to Spiders beware

  1. Wow, you’ve been so busy, very excited about my new desk thank you! See you on Monday when I return from sunny Selsey 🙂 Vicky

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