Golden pair

Two collection holders in the PH marquee at Hampton Court won gold medals:  Tale Valley Nursery with their Rhodohypoxis and x Rhodoxis and Bristol Zoo with Caryopteris.  Their displays were quite different, with a gently rising stand of plants from Tale Valley, mimicking the open meadow of their native South Africa,

while the Oriental origins of Caryopteris were revealed in a temple style backdrop.

Both displays showcased the plants at a peak of perfection.  The flower heads of the Rhodohypoxis had been nipped out to delay flowering until the show, whereas there wasn’t a bloom in sight on the late flowering Caryopteris display, just terraces of perfect foliage in different shades of green.

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Tale Valley Nursery also won Best Exhibit in the Marquee and take home an engraved crystal vase to mark the occasion.

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