Lavenders blue…..

Simon receiving award from Chris Brickell

Dr Simon Charlesworth is the latest recipient of the Brickell Award for the excellence of his scientific National Collection of Lavandula and he received his award from Chris today at Hampton Court Press day. Despite quoting Spike Milligan who in an acceptance speech said “I am not going to thank anybody because I did it all myself”, Simon went on to thank his wife Dawn for all the detailed work and support she gives with the collection.  Having made us all smile with Milligan he impressed us all with a feat of memory by quoting the tongue twisting words of a herbalist describing lavender as a cure-all.  I’ve tried to find the quote but will have to ask Simon for the source.  Congratulations on the award and the speech.

Dawn, Simon and Chris

Simon’s display in the Floral marquee was bisected by a ‘tarmac’ road of lavender seeds to represent the road his father ran on in 1948 carrying an Olympic torch, a delightful touch to a beautiful display, which I had watched develop since Friday.  And today, even in the cool weather, the smell of the lavender was divine.

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