Thanks Tim

Tim taking it all in his stride

It takes a particular skill to be able to visualise the 3D actuality from a 2D plan and maybe it’s something we need to work on at National Office.  The plan for the membership area looked fine, but when I went in to the show on Friday, it looked like the entrance to a tomb, two high walls separating us from the Seed Shop and the Demonstration area and the whole clothed in black hessian.

Joanna and I talked about asking Tim to move the wall, but as it was beautifully constructed, we hesitated and tried to work out how to use the space, with no success.  So fortified with some lunch we broached the subject with Tim, who took it all in his stride and set about demolishing the wall.  And once the wall was down we knew that we didn’t want it up again – we had shelves which could be used as an open barrier with the Seed Shop.

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Now at Sunday evening, there is still some work to do on the area, but it’s so much better than it ever could have been with the walls, so thanks a million Tim, you’re a star, even if you do think it’s like working in a mad house.

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