Seed Shop Bee

Janet, Anne, Judith, Gillian and Helen

Sewing Bees have developed into ‘Knit and Natter’, ‘Stitch and Bitch’ and now a new variation, the ‘Seed Shop Bee’. Not such a rhythmic title, but equally effective – the idea being to soften a repetitive task with some banter, gossip or even amiable silence.  After the huge collection, packaging and labelling exercise masterminded by Janet Wright and June James, the seeds arrived at HC in bags and boxes and more bags.

Helen, Sally and Anne

First of all the seed packets were labelled with a thanks to Proctors who are sponsoring the Seed Shop, then the packets needed to be sorted alphabetically.  Who would have guessed that ‘P’ would be the most common initial letter, followed by ‘A’, ‘L’ and ‘C’.  The primary sorting looked like a primitive bar chart.

After a crude separation by initial letter, the hard stuff – after a while Eucomis, Euchriphia, Euonymus,and Eupatorium merge into one.  Judith nobly sorted the ‘P’s.

Janet doing some final alphabetising

There are 4000 packets of seeds donated by our National Plant Collection Holders and PH members, and this year we have for the first time, seeds from Buckingham Palace, holders of  a National Collection of Morus, as well as many other unusual or rare plants.  The Seed Shop was rated as a ‘Must See’ by Val Bourne in today’s Telegraph; so come and pour over the lists and help to raise money for plant conservation.  For inspiration, Janet decorates the stand with plants she has grown over the years from ‘Seed Shop’ seed – many of her pots are now HC old hands.

And Mercy, if you are reading this from Italy, Good Luck with your Maratona bike ride tomorrow.  I will be thinking of you…….mad woman.