Follow that Dahlia

On the way to Worcestershire

The Annual Plant Exchange took place at our weekend in Lancaster – a great share out of rare and unusual plants among our members.  Plants were brought from all over the country to be sent to members who had requested them at the end of last year.

Irene and Lloyd

Masterminded by Lloyd Kenyon and aided on the day by local group members, the plants were sorted from their original boxes and reallocated to go to their new homes.

On the way to Cambridgeshire

Being guarded by Dorcas, Jenny Swan’s dog, on their way to Staffordshire.

Our ‘offers’ of Dahlia ‘Princess Marie José’ made their way to their new homes.

The original plants had come from a member in North Wales in late 2010 and in March this year we started propagating for the Exchange.  Two plants were requested, by members in Hampshire and Gloucestershire.

On the way to Gloucestershire

As with all the other plants, the idea is that the recipient grows and propagates the plant for their local plant fair or maybe for the Plant Exchange in subsequent years.  This year for the first time I requested some plants which I will get on Sunday at the next Surrey meeting, a plant fair at Ripley Village Hall.  I am looking forward to seeing which of my requests I have received and to participating again in growing and sharing these rare plants.

It’s Chelsea this coming week, so over the next few days I hope to be posting some pictures and news about our Collection Holders exhibiting there.  But I will be backtracking to tell you about our AGM visit to Windy Hall in Windermere and sharing the recipe for the delectable ginger cake made by our host Diane Kinsman.

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