Pass the parcel

Peter (r) talking to Chris Michel of Brother at the Friday evening reception

Margaret Robinson’s talk was followed by Peter Foley, nurseryman turned gardener who now enjoys growing for pleasure rather than for sale.  His passion is Ligularia and he has inherited plants from Annette Benson who held a  National Collection from 1998.  Annette got her plants from Chris Mortimer, who in turn got them from the first custodian Eleanor Fisher, Collection Holder until 1991.  A great example of a successful succession policy.

Peter moved to the North West from Chilterns and his plants love the moisture this brings as well as the fertility of the 2ft deep alluvial soil from the River Ribble.  Planted out last spring some of the plants have been lost to the excessive rain but fortunately reserves are held in pots and the collection is bulking up very well.

We look forward to hearing more from Peter as he prepares his application for National Plant Collection status for his plants.

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