and then there was one

I’ve just got back from the AGM at Lancaster via; Reading, to drop off Kalani, Woking to drop off Genevieve and Loseley to reunite Mercy with her car left there over the weekend.  On my way back over to Guildford, I turned on the last few minutes of Gardeners’ Question Time to catch some final tips from exhibitors at Malvern.  The last comment was from an unnamed lady extolling the virtues of being outside and I thought ‘I know that voice’.  I am sure that it was the lovely Jane ‘Passiflora’ as we call her in the office, National Collection holder of Passiflora. I will now be listening to the full programme to find out if I am right.

I hope to be posting a few stories from the AGM over the next few days so come back to see what went on, to find yourself in some photos if you were there or to get the recipe for the wonderful ginger cake we had at Windy Hall.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the National Office team taken on Saturday evening, in order of size; Gillian, Kalani, Mercy and Genevieve.

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