Those magnificient ladies and their amazing seeds …

The office was turned into a Seed Collating Workshop last Friday, when Janet and June (from the PH marquee at HCPFS) came in to collate and label hundreds upon hundreds of seeds all kindly donated from members, Collection Holders and more.

If you want some seeds for just a £1.00 donation per packet, come along to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show between 3rd – 8th July.

Huge thanks to H & T PROCTORS (fertilizer manufacturers and distributors in Bristol) for their sponsorship of the stand.  Thank you also to Brother UK for the QL labelling machine – making such professional, easy to read plant labels.

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5 Responses to Those magnificient ladies and their amazing seeds …

  1. Rosalind says:

    I didn’t know you collected seed! Who do I send it to? (MTB Iris Collection holder) we usually have some spare.

  2. Joanna jones says:

    Thanks so much. Please send through to Joanna Jones at Plant Heritage and I will forward to the girls. Last year Janet and June (with the help of members onthe seed shop stand at hampton court) raised £2,000 to Plant Heritage. Plus sponsorship.

    • Jude Lawton says:

      When’s the deadline? I’m sure Kent has some seeds looking for a home. Do we send them split into dollops or as they are?

  3. Joanna jones says:

    Thanks Jude. As they are is probably best. J and J have a good system albeit they are working night and day! Between them they are the champion fundraisers of PH.

  4. intergenerational says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog and have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Cheers!

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