The naming of things

Taxonomy – the classification of organisms in an
ordered system that indicates natural relationships.

So we know that all members of the ROSACEAE family will exhibit some common characteristics and those of the genus Rosa within this family,will share even more. But a lifetime of knowledge and experience went into Susyn Andrew’s recent workshop on the subject, held at Harlow Carr.

Susyn Andrews

This is the third workshop on this topic in our winter programme, previous events having been held at Loseley and Stratford.  National Plant Collection holders from ‘The North’ joined with one intrepid traveller from Shropshire and three RHS Harlow Carr gardeners, to be taken through the basics of botanical taxonomy and how to use the Plantfinder.  Invaluable networking went on over coffee and lunch and everyone went home clutching notes and booklists for further research.

As ever we are very grateful for the funding for these workshops from Brother UK, NFU Mutual, The Tanner Trust and The Topinambour Trust.  We also appreciated the hospitality of the RHS Harlow Carr, using one of the conference rooms in their new Bramall Centre.

The title of this post seemed appropriate, but also slightly familiar, so I Googled the phrase and it turns out to be the name of a song by Andrew Bird.  But George Monbiot also used it as the title of a piece he wrote in 2010, which would be near to many of our hearts and is worth a read, although the suggestion at the end would not meet with Susyn’s approval.

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