Directory 2012

Final colour proof

The end is in sight with the arrival of the final colour proof of the 2012 National Plant Collections Directory.  Back in September the process began with requests made to the Collection Holders for an update of their details.  Contact information, description of the Collection and the where, when and how much, are all needed for the Directory entry.  Mercy, Genevieve, Gill and I recorded the information as it was received and inevitably did some chasing of forms not returned by the deadline.

Then the ancillary pages are prepared.  Group and Coordinator contacts are updated.  Jo engages the advertisers with her usual charm.  Open Day pages are compiled.  Collections by County pages are crossed checked to all entries.  New photographs are chosen from our 2011 events.  An image is selected and tested on the black background used for the front cover.

Front and back cover

Initial proofing of formatting is done by the three G’s, before it is handed over to Mercy for thorough scrutiny.  This is followed by several proofs as sections come together, adverts are inserted, blank spaces are filled up, captions are inserted and last minute adjustments made to holders entries – there is always someone with a new email address.

Finally it is signed off and goes to print; members should receive their next edition by the end of March.