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Magpie descends on the offices of Brother UK!

After 6 years of Brother UK sponsoring Plant Heritage, Jo finally made the trek north and visited all the Brother team in their offices in Audenshaw, Manchester.   True to form, Jo came away with more than she took.  Not only Brother … Continue reading

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Meet the Collection Holders

As I said in a post last September, there is a long show season for our Collection Holders and Steve Hickman’s calendar for 2012 proved this to me when I visited him earlier this month.  On Sunday I met up … Continue reading

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Little beasties

The next step in the propagation of Dahlia ‘Princess Marie José’ for the Plant Exchange saw me retrieving the tubers from their winter nest of shredded paper, laying them out in seed trays and covering with compost.  I brought my propagator into … Continue reading

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Little cuties

Joanna Jones has been out and about, and last week visited Waterperry Gardens, holders of the National Collection of Saxifraga subsect. Kabschia & Engleria.  For those unfamiliar with these little gems, it is well worth a visit.  The Saxifrage weekend is … Continue reading

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Rhubarb, Rhubarb

Fools, crumbles and jam, the first fruit crop of the year, pink luscious stems, a bit of a ‘Marmite’ food, you love it or loathe it.  Forced and expensive or prolific on the allotment, it’s a real traditional English crop.  … Continue reading

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The naming of things

Taxonomy – the classification of organisms in an ordered system that indicates natural relationships. So we know that all members of the ROSACEAE family will exhibit some common characteristics and those of the genus Rosa within this family,will share even more. … Continue reading

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Five magic beans

Like Jack in the children’s story, Steve Hickman changed the direction of his life with a fortuitous swap – although in Steve’s case it was 500 Agapanthus plants in return for a selection of mixed perennials.  After a life long interest … Continue reading

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