Snowdrops in the snow

A very pleasant visit to Margaret MacLennan in Essex, to see her Galanthus Collection. The weather was not the most hospitable, but luckily Margaret and her husband were, so it was immense fun.

Margaret in her greenhouse, showing us her ‘workstation’

Margaret is an enthusiastic twin-scaler , a method of propagating bulbs which stimulates the basal plate to produce more, from sections of the original bulb. This is the method she has used both to bulk up her collection, and also to provide material to swap with other growers. She also propagates bulbs for others. Her greenhouse is meticulously set up with all the equipment she needs at hand.

Part of the collection in cold frames, protected from clumsy pheasants.

And the collection, with coded labels indicating what stage it is in the propagation and growth process is displayed in frames, raised beds and woodland beds through their extensive Essex Garden.

Galanthus ‘Richard Ayres’ one of the most photogenic of the collection.

Galanthus ‘Heffalump’, one of my favourites from the Collection.

Margaret’s Collection is open by appointment, but you will have to check well in advance; Galanthophiles spend this time of the year gallivanting from collection to collection, so are rarely in one place for long!

4 thoughts on “Snowdrops in the snow

  1. Hi,

    I was in GB for the last week-end. I came for the snowdrops sale at Myddelton House and gardens. I saw much snow and not many drops in the ground…
    Next time it would be a great pleasure to visit a collection such as the one of Margaret…
    Could you give me the address of her garden. Is it in the Yellow Book, please ?
    Thanks. All the best.
    PS I bought several Galanthus. ” Heffalump” is one of them. I wanted it !
    I saw some with very high prices such as 100 £ for “Flocon de Neige”…It’s too much.

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