My ‘Best Friend’

Ready to go

I assume that many people have favourite pieces of equipment or tools.  My Grandmother wouldn’t let me sew unless I used a thimble and now I wouldn’t be without one;  at work, a cheap Parker fountain pen is always on my desk – I think that my signature is so much more elegant in ink than in biro; and now the pair of Felco secateurs I was given as a birthday present many years ago, are clipped onto my jeans whenever I go out into the garden, whatever the time of year. 

As with many expensive items, for the price of a cheap pair of secateurs you can send them away to be serviced.  They come back refurbished with a new blade as well as any nuts, bolts or springs cleaned, oiled or replaced.  Reunited, I can put away my spare non-Felco secateurs and get on with pruning the roses, once this snow has melted.

Serviced and as good as new

I should now ‘listen again’ to GQT from last week when Bob Flowerdew was talking to  students at Sparsholt College about tool maintenance; then I really will be ready for the new season.  This item starts about 30 minutes into the programme and although some pictures would be useful, it’s enough to get me started.

I had been worried about links to ‘listen again’ programmes becoming defunct, but I see that this episode is forecast to be available until 12.00am Thursday 1st January 2099.

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