Christmas anagram agony

It is the week before Christmas and those of you who are not working, digging or ordering seeds may require a little something to stretch your mental muscles with. Below are some anagrams with a festive theme; but I warn you they are all ‘latin’ names, and not all are plants!

1. Hullo beer singer

2. Hippo rum a curable hire

3. Hail deer hex

4. Quail emu fix oil

5. A blue summons tour

6. A caucus art do

7. Caravan comic micro pun

8. Avian as pasta cat

9. Lo a garage move spill

10. Aha piglet rent!

There is a prize up for grabs, a copy of ‘Kalmias: American Beauties’ by Alan Pullen, Holder of the National Collections of Kalmia and Cornus florida cvs.

Kalmias: American Beauties- Alan Pullen
Kalmias: American Beauties- Alan Pullen

If you submit your answers on the form below, we will number correct responses in order of receipt and use a random number generator to pick the winner. Answers must be submitted before 5pm 24th December 2011.

We will then email the winner to ask for their address to post the prize to!

(Stuck? They are either seasonal plants, things to eat on Christmas day, or a well-known plant conservation charity!)