Happy Birthday Blog

The first posting on our blog was on December 15th 2010 with a welcome and an item on Free Seeds for members.  At that time there was only a generic user name of Plant Heritage which is still used by staff such as Nicola who post items intermittently.  By February Mercy started to post under her own name and in June, inspired by a trip to the National Plant Collection of Lathyrus I started to write, again initially posting as Plant Heritage.  A trip north to participate in a Friends event at Newby Hall and then on to Northumberland for a holiday made me get my own thread for the blog and I spent my holiday visiting collections and learning how to use the blogging software.

In the last year visits to our blog have increased 100 fold with a peak of over 1000 visits in July, Hampton Court Palace Flower show being held in that month.  In December our blog was a finalist in the New Talent category of the Garden Media Awards, which inspired this Advent Calendar of blog postings.  Gill Groombridge, my job share colleague, has joined us with her account of visiting the East Dorset AGM and I hope she will continue to contribute under her own name next year.  Gill takes very good photographs, I used her images in the item about the Taxonomy workshop, so there will be lots to see from her.  2012 will bring more news of National Plant Collections, events and what we are up to.

In the first 14 days of December, viewings are already more than 95% of the previous month and we can see a pattern emerging.  Weekdays are the definitely the peak days for readers, obviously everyone is out in their gardens at the weekend. We would love to hear from you about what we are doing and in this, our 100th posting, invite you to subscribe to the blog; by scrolling down to the bottom of the page you can register to get an email to let you know when there is a new posting.  If you enjoy what you read tell your friends about us, we can be found very easily by Googling ‘Plant Heritage blog’.

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