Ladies who lunch

It has become our tradition to have a shared Christmas lunch in the office.  We all sign up to bring a starter or main course, except Gill who has no choice in the matter as she produces the most heavenly Chocolate Roulade, so we all ask for this again, please.

Gill's celebrated Chocolate Roulade


Secret Santa gifts are left in the frog basket and given out before the pudding to allow a little gastronomic rest.

Presents are often personalised and much hilarity ensues when they are unwrapped.

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Other presents received were a waterproof bicycle seat cover and puncture repair kit for our intrepid commuter cyclist Kalani,  culinary lavender and rear view mirrors for her computer for Gill and the softest of socks for Gillian.

Then a quick dash into the garden for a group photo before we get back to work.

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  1. Ruth Ridley says:

    Perhaps you should challenge Mercy to bring in one item a week made using her new chocolate cookbook 🙂

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