Name in lights

Thanks to a secret nomination by Genevieve, our blog appeared in lights on the screen at the Garden Media Awards in London yesterday.  It was so secret that even Jo, who was attending the awards ceremony, didn’t know about it.  We got a surprised call from her to to say that she had just seen my name on the screen.  Our blog was a finalist in the New Talent Award,  a category won by Rosie Yeomans, of Sparsholt, GQT, and Hampshire Plant Heritage Collections Coordinator fame.

The blog was started almost exactly a year ago with Mercy and Nicola (who composed the wonderful item on The Twelve Days of Christmas) posting items.  My involvement began when I started visiting National Plant Collections in the early summer and wanted to share what I had seen and done.  Inspired by this accolade and the lovely chocolate Advent Calendar sent to our office by NFU Mutual, one of our sponsors, I am going to try and post something everyday until Christmas.  Wish me luck.

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