Oh Brother, where art thou?

Almost half of our supporters renew their subscriptions on the 1st of November which puts a significant load onto our printer as it produces renewal notices for cheque payers and membership cards for those who pay by Direct Debit.  Each quarter, when renewal time comes around, Gill and I cross our fingers, toes and anything else we can manage and coax our aged printer through the process.  Periodically it will overheat and jam, necessitating a quick strip down of the machine, removal of ink cartridges and opening up of all orifices in order to clear the paper.  The whole office feels the tension and even I bring in chocolate to help when things get really tough.

But this year, thanks to our wonderful sponsors Brother, we have a new, efficient and reliable printer and the three days it takes to process the renewals passed without a hitch.  The Rolos became celebratory on completion of the job rather than consolatory when things were going wrong.

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