A unique quandary

I was lucky enough to receive several Pelargonium cultivars through the Plant Heritage Plant Exchange this year. (Rare plants for free! but only if you are a member..)

This was received as Pelargonium ‘Unique Aurora’, and doesn’t quite match the description I have for it in the cultivar register:

” .. Cannell, UK. 1870, Bright glowing crimson,. Top petals spotted, also blotched with white and feathered with maroon’

Further investigation reveals that there is also an ‘Aurore Unique’ (Cannell & Sons of Swanley 1870), 6 ‘Aurora’; and 4 ‘Aurore’.

‘Aurore Unique’, ‘Unique Aurora’ or ‘Aurora’s Unique’ is often taken to be synonymous with P x ignescens (I have grown x ignescens and it doesn’t look like the above photo).

This was the result of about an hour leafing through my Pelargonium books, and the register for information on one plant. Is it any wonder that Collection Holders need to be obsessive? I wonder that they are all not lying down in a dark room, which is what I need to do now!