Gingerly does it..

It felt like (according to the BBC) that this was going to be the last nice weekend for a while. So where better to spend it than under glass? It is a couple of years since I have been to see the Hedychium in Chichester and they have grown considerably since then.  The scent and the foliage give you a feeling of wandering around in a tropical forest, not too far from the garden of Eden. There are even bunches of grapes dangling temptingly for the peckish.

A very hospitable open day as usual, with Andrew offering a range of snacks and drinks to please all tastes (even the very tired Plant Conservation Officer); good  to meet Jonny Hartnell and others, and to see sharing of plant material (see slide show).

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If you haven’t experienced the scent of gingers en masse in a glass house, it is quite lovely. It comes and goes, even if you are stood quite still, it will waft over you. An interesting point that only occurred to me when I was looking at the photos I had taken, was that I have taken a picture of  H. ‘Bright Yellow’ every time (3 years now I think) as one of the most outstanding flowers.

If you are interested in gingers I do heartily recommend visiting the collection in Chichester. Firstly you probably don’t realise how big than can get, or the diversity of the flowers. Or the smell, just heavenly….

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