South West Region Coordinator meeting

Admittedly we had lemon drizzle, chocolate brownies AND flapjack (with sandwiches) but still.

The weather was challenging for August but we had participants from the Channel Islands, to North Devon. It was a very good meeting, in the same venue as last year- which was heavenly! Many thanks to Edna for arranging it and the NT for having us at Barrington Court, which is absolutely gorgeous. Just the paths make me drool with envy, let alone the plants.

Barrington Court

As usual, an enjoyable meeting of all the Collections Coordinators in the huge South West region (Cornwall to Hants, including the CI); and lovely to meet new Coordinators from Guernsey : Jennifer Seth-Smith, who wins the prize for distance travelled; Rosie Yeomans from Hants (well-known at Sparsholt); and Felicity Dudbridge from Devon, who is just delightful. Well done to all for surviving Coordinator training, and thank you for only falling asleep a couple of times.

Main topics we worried about: what happens to a collection and the research when a Collection Holder is no longer able to look after them?; what happens in a big garden when the person in charge of the Collection moves on?; and worst of all…. how do you approach a collection you know is in decline?

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