Suffolk Collection Holders Meeting

Suffolk NCH meeting 2011I think this was our first meeting in a marquee! Hosted by Robert Grimsey, who holds a collection of Aesculus, we had a walk around his garden and the collection which is in an arboretum adjoining the garden. We were all very interested in which plants were suffering with leaf-miner, and which ones weren’t; a useful resource for those researching tree planting options in the future.


We all admired the newly acquired engraved labels that he was able to order after receiving a Collection Holder Bursary. It is a real pleasure to see a properly labelled collection; it makes it so much easier to look at, rather than having to hunt round in long grass for a label that may or may not be there; and may or may not be legible when you find it.

A lively and positive meeting as always with Suffolk; we covered subjects as diverse as labelling, collection holder workshops, Russian lilacs (including stories too polictically sensitive to repeat!) and the ever-present problem of collection holders running out of land to keep their collections on.

A large selection of cake was enjoyed by all, particularly a very beautiful home-made victoria sponge- I wish I had taken a photo of it, as it was magnificent!