Hydrangeas in Darley Park

I recently had an email from Peter Smith in Derby:

We had our open day on Sunday:  I conducted three tours of the collection with around 40 people attending in total.  We had not advertised the event very much because due to the the severe winter only half of the Hydrangeas are in flower.

Here are so of the comment written in our visitor book:

‘amazing variety’
‘never knew there was so much variety, wonderful display’
‘great talk and tour’
‘very enjoyable; had no idea the collection was so extensive’
‘peaceful and relaxing’
‘beautiful and peaceful garden’
‘lovely place; great work you are doing’
‘lovely show; we will be back’
‘impressive collection, showing such high level of skill and dedication; well done’
‘very good talk; great garden; look forward to return visit next time I’m in Derby’
‘excellent tour that brought an excellent collection to life’

The collection can be found here ; but as you can see from the comments, there really is no substitute for being shown round by an expert!

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