All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

June setting up shop

Four years ago, at the suggestion of one of our volunteers, Edna Squires, a seed shop was started in the Plant Heritage Marquee at Hampton Court.  Since then, run by June James and Janet Wright, it has gone from strength to strength, this year raising more than £2000.

Jude, Janet and Anne

Seeds are collected from Collection Holders and members, cleaned, packaged and labelled.  A summary list running to tens of pages is produced for customers to see the range of what is available.  Advice is given and suggestions are made by the team of volunteers manning the stand and there is an encyclopedia on hand for the “what does this look like” question.

It has been a secret known to the few, but this year the Seed Shop was featured on the BBC coverage of the show with Alys Fowler and Monty Don buying seeds to take home with them.  So the team are already collecting seeds for next year.

Alys Fowler at the Seed Shop