RHS International Trials Conference

I popped along for the day (as it was a little on the pricey side to go for the whole conference) and was really pleased to hear how many of the speakers mentioned National Plant Collections as a vital point of reference. It was, however noticeable that there were very few Collection Holders who had been able to attend, doubtless they were busy at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, or had just not been able afford it. I do feel quite strongly that if the RHS want to involve more Collection Holders in such events, they need to hold them at suitable times and prices.

It was really good to see how many were involved in the trials, and for those of you who have never visited the trials fields at Wisley, go and have a look! You will normally be able to spot a Collection Holder as a supplier on every one.

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Above you will see the trial of Roscoea and amongst the judging committee Roland Bream the NCH.

Good to meet lots of interesting people- including Dan Heims from Terra Nova, fresh from visiting Vicky and Richard at Hampton Court; and some old friends!

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  1. Judy Barker says:

    Dear Mercy, So pleased a PH presence was at the Trials Conference but the prices were too high, plus travell added to the costs of running a collection. Yes a lot of NCH are involved in the RHS Trials, and over the years I have been a RHS committee member I have been in contact with many contributors. On other general trials committee meetings I always ask for greater liaison with NCH, PH in general and the RHS. After all a lot of research, growing expertise, is held by NCH’s and with the costs of publishing a closer working relationship with the RHS to spread this knowledge may be a way forward. Judy Barker

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