Looking for Deacons

Deacon pelargoniums were a group bred by the Reverend Stanley Stringer in Suffolk in the late 1960s and early 1970s. There appear (from reference to the Pelargonium Cultivar Register ) to be about 26 Deacons, from ‘Deacon Arlon’ to ‘Deacon Trousseau’. Rev. Stringer (or Canon Stringer as he was later) also bred the ‘Occold’ series of zonals, named for  the Suffolk village in which he lived.

One of our Suffolk-based collection holders is trying to source the rarer Deacons and would be interested to hear if there are any out there?

Quoting from Jan Taylor’s ‘Geraniums & Pelargoniums‘ (ISBN 9781852230340):

“The Deacons….were derived by selective breeding from a miniature and an Ivy-leaved type. With this parentage one can imagine why most have a compact, bushy habit”

“Many florets make up the spherical flower head and the continuous flowering period of the Deacons is difficult to match. The foliage is medium in size and mainly mid-green and some have zones. There is a variegated Deacon but the markings are not too stable..” (The variegated one is ‘Deacon Peacock’)

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If you can help, do please email me.